Registered Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Eft Practitioner.

About Stephen

Stephen first experienced Energy Therapy as a teenager, when an acquaintance developed cancer. One evening whilst visiting, he inadvertently placed his hands upon her abdomen and felt a strange tingling sensation surge through his hands. His 'patient' felt a similar sensation around the area of contact and was puzzled as to what was happening. A week or so passed after which Stephen was informed to great surprise that the cancer had vanished. A similar episode occurred a few years later when another friend with cancer was 'healed' in much the same way. These episodes where largely forgotten and apart from the occasional interest in matters holistic, Stephen concentrated on his career in the IT Industry. He believes it was his destiny to practice Energy Therapy, but cannot define a definite catalyst to the start of his journey in earnest, but he did embark on a period of learning and studied various modalities of Energy Healing. At present he is an accredited teacher and practitioner in the Reiki modality (Usui & Tibetan), Hands on Healing and Re-Activated Healing and an accredited practitioner in Reconnective Healing and Eft. Experience has tought him there are common denominators in all modalities and he understands most to be effective and is, at times, guided by intuition as to which modality is best suited for a particular clients need. He has witnessed the wonder of Energy Therapy on many occasions within his practice and is thankful to be afforded this gift. Stephen participates in the CHiH program being run at various medical facilities around Cape Town, South Africa,where Energy Therapy is offered to hospital patients at no charge to assist with their recovery and wellbeing. He has attended the Coma-Care workshop held at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town, during which various coma communication techniques where shown. He also has a great interest in Traditional Healing techniques and has embarked on a journey of learning in this field and is being guided by a well established local Traditional Healer. He meditates regularly and finds this important part of his daily ritual.

Stephen Cox